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Life Quotes And Status - Best Status On Life 2019

The following are the best life status and quotes. Each one these quotes have something special to teach us and strengthen our inner soul. We all must learn something from famous life quotes to implement into our life. These motivational life status and quotes help us fight the everyday battle called life and take every challenge with courage.

After going through thousands of life status and quotes we have sorted out the best life quotes for you. These handpicked life statuses will give you the perfect life motivation that you were looking for and would help you achieve your life goals.

Life Status and Quotes For Facebook & WhatsApp

In this post we've got you covered with some of the most amazing life status along with some funny, best, inspiring and short status that can be used by you on your social media profiles.

Live only for yourself.

Life's too short, live it only for your passions.

Life's a beautiful struggle but a beautiful one.

Life's short and only you can make it sweet.

Life is a continuous series of short steps.

A simple life is the best and beautiful life.

Life happens when you keep yourself making other plans.

Life becomes much more better when you are laughing.

Life isn't easy, but is definitely the simplest thing.

For a new life, first start praising your old life.

Life's a simple process until we complicate it.

I have a new life and I take complete advantage of it.

Life is like a spell and everyone around is conspiring to break it.

The price for everything you wish for is the exact amount of life you are willing to exchange for it.

You need to be patient and understanding because life is too much short for being vengeful malicious.

WhatsApp Status About Life

Life can easily be summed up into three words. It goes on.

Life's only ten percent of what happened to you and 90 percent of how you actually responded to it.

We cannot do great stuff in our life but we can do small things with great love.

Those people who cannot appreciate small things in their life do not deserve to have big things.

Life is not about finding yourself but is about creating yourself.

There aren't any mistakes in life but only lessons.

Life is just like a long journey.

Be free like a bird.

Enjoy your life, it comes with an expiration date.

Enjoy your ice cream called life before it melts.

Life is just a collection of mistakes that you cannot learn without making them.

If you want to love a happy life stop tieing it people or things and tie it to a goal so big that you cannot love without having it.

Life always has a second chance for you, it's called tomorrow.

Life doesn't give you what you wish for but it gives you what you work for.

Kill your tensions before they kill you and live your life before you run out of time.

Life Status For Facebook and Instagram 

The best possible revenge is living a successful great life and by just being happy.

Life isn't a matte of milestones but of moments.

Each new day is like another chance to change your life.

Enjoy your own life without comparing it to that of others.

Life is just like a coin, spend it anytime but you can spend it only once.

Life is short and you can smile while you still have teeth

We were born to be real and not perfect in our lives.

If you love your life you won't waste your time because life is made up of time.

The very first gift of life is life itself and second one is love.

We all love our lives, not because we are used to living but because we are used to living.

God gave us the gift called life and now it's up to us to live a great Life.

A dream can be the thing that cam make a person love his life even when it keeps getting harder.

The supreme happiness of life comes from the conviction that we are being loved by someone.

Life plants you somewhere and it's up to you to bloom wherever life palnts you.

Being honest might not help you gain more friends in your life but definitely it can help you gain the most honest friends.

Best Life Status Quotes

A perfect life doesn't exist that's why I'm behind a happy life.

If you are unable to start a new chapter in your life, just keep re-reading the last one.

Time is the one to decide whom will you meet in your life and your heart is the one to decide who deserves to stay in your life.

Every single thing that has ever happened to you in your life is preparing you for your perfect moment.

Just ne real in your life because you weren't born to be perfect.

If you love life, sooner or later it will definitely love you back.

Life comes to a standstill when you stop dreaming and even God can't help you when you stop believing.

When faith becomes much bigger than fears, magic happens in life.

 Become brave enough to say goodbye, because life is generous enough to give you a new hello.

Reality is the one continuously ruining my life.

Don't keep waiting for the storms to pass and instead, learn to dance in the rain.

The say that life gets better. When ??

Love is life. Without love you're bound to miss life.

The quality of your relationships is the determining factor for quality of your life.

Life isn't hard, we ourself tend to make it hard with our needless complications and lies.

No matter how how hard you keep trying but life can never get that perfect, so focus on being happy.

My message for everyone would bey life.

Make your faiths much bigger than your fears and life will be perfect.


So these were some of the best life status quotes for you. You can use them on your WhatsApp status or send them as messages. You can also modify them as per your needs and give them your own personal touch.

I hope you guys loved the collection of life status and quotes. Do let us know in the comments! 

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