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Best Valentine's Day Quotes For Your Someone Special 2019

Every single year on February 14, people honor their love for one another by celebrating it together. This day is made special by spending time together and, giving flowers and sending love messages to each other. This ritual of celebrating love dates back to ancient times. Valentine's day isn't just about showing love to your girlfriend or boyfriend, its way more broader. It's more about spending time and spreading love to your loved ones, whether it be your family or your friends.

Since your school days, you might have loved to pass candy heart toffees to your friends to express your love on valentine's day. Now that your valentine's card list is much much smaller than it was before, you have more time to fully express yourself completely.

This amazing day of love is a wonderful opportunity to send your loved one's some valentine's day quotes and messages. It can get even better you send those lovely valentine's day quotes and messages with a bunch of red roses to show your affection.

Use these valentine's day quotes to convey the right sentiment, with even better rightfelt message. Choose if you want a humorous tone or a happy tone. If you don't find the right quote here than perhaps you can find the right one in the romantic quotes. Nothing can ever beat sayings from literature and a couple of chocolates, you are bound to find your inner muse here.

Cute Valentine's Day Quotes

A cute Valentine's day quotes is the best way to make your sweetheart day a great day. No matter if you are looking for something sentimental or something lighthearted, you are bound to find them here.

  • There exists only one kind of happiness in this world, to love and to be loved by someone.
  • Valentine's day is the day a poet can get a leave.
  • You have the perfect flaws for the heart thats meant just to love you.
  • Lovers never finally meet that always together
  • Just like a flower cannot blossom without sunshine, a man cannot live without love.
  • You know that you are finally in love when you don't want to sleep because your reality is much better than your dreams.
  • Love is an art, that too an art of persistence.
  • Love once planted a rose and suddenly that world tuned sweet.
  • A successful realtionship is all about falling in love many times, each time with same person.
  • Love never made the world go round, it just made the ride worthwhile.
  • The most beautiful things of this world can never be touched, you can only feel it with your heart.
  • Life exists only where there is love.
  • There can never be enough I love you's.

Happy Valentine's Day Quotes

Your time and recognition will never be forgotten by anyone whom you send a lovely valentine's day wish. Each time your words tend to escape you, just borrow a word to make your someone special feel even more special.

  • This fire called love is just too wild for normal human minds.
  • Each time you love her, love her as deeply as it was forever.
  • Love is the moment when the desire of being desired take over you so badly that you feel like you can even die for it.
  • Love is all eternal, only thing that changes about it is its aspect and not it's essence.
  • A true lover will always find himself in debt of the one he loves.
  • Gravitational forceust not be blamed for people falling in love.
  • Love has never been about looking at each other, it's about looking in the same direction.
  • Being loved by someone gives you strength, and loving gives you the courage.
  • Your souls might neade up of anything, ours is the same.
  • The heart has it's own reasons about which reasons knows not.
  • Love is composed of two a single soul the inhabits two different bodies.
  • When love isn't madness it's definitely not love.
  • No one can ever measure how much a heart can hold.
  • Love is all a metaphysical gravity.

Funny Valentine's Day Quotes

They say that laughter is the best medicine, so what else can be better than to make your valentine laugh on this special day. Send these lovely and funny Valentine's Day Quotes to make your beloved one laugh.

  • All that you need is love but a little chocolate here and there won't hurt.
  • Being married is like having that one special person to annoy all through your life.
  • Loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romantic story.
  • True love sneaks in quietly, if it's flashing and ringing, you might want to get your ears checked.
  • Mickey mouse is more lovable than any woman I've ever met in my life.
  • Love is more of a grave mental disease.
  • I want a man who is kind and understanding at the same time and would it be too much to ask for a millionaire.
  • It much better to have loved and lost than to do forty pounds of laundry each single week.
  • Without the valentine's day, February would be more like January.
  • Love is what you have been through with someone.

Valentine's Day Quotes For Friends 

Valentine's day doesn't mean celebration for just couples and lovers. Friendships are an exceptional kind of love that deserves its own recognition on this special day. Scroll down through some of the best Valentine's Day Quotes for friends to find the perfect fit for your friends.
  • True friendship is much more rare than true love.
  • Who cares for a lover, I just need my best friend around to make me smile.
  • My best friend is the person who can bring out the best in me.
  • Friendship marks a life much more than love. Love often leads to obsession but Friendship is nothing else but pure sharing.
  • A friend is the person who know who you are and understands everything you have been through but still stands by you and gently allows you to grow.
  • True friends are the real diamonds, bright and beautiful and always in style.
  • Friends are more like a medicine for a while heart and vitamins for a hopeful soul.

Now that you have got the best valentines day quotes collection, you can have your creative mind turned on. Give these quotes a wonderful personal touch to make your loved ones smile a little more. If you are one of those people who are romantically coupled, then start thinking about what stage of relationship you are in. This would help you get an idea what quote would be the most appropriate for you.

When you will keep in mind the recipient you are writing to, you can have a little more personalized and much more meaningful message for them. You can decide if they are one of those person who love to laugh or they are more sentimental kind of people. Putting out words for someone you love can be abut of a challenge but it's always great to write what your heart says.

These wonderful and the cutest valentines day quotes are bound to make your February 14 a memorable day.

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