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Best Attitude Status For WhatsApp And Facebook 2019

Are you looking for the latest updated quotes that suit your awesome personality. You are at the right place! Here we have the best Quotes of all times for you. We have worked hard to compile all the attitude status that are unique and up to date. 

These Status and quotes will not only show your great attitude but will also compliment your personality. Attitude Status, when put on your stories on your social media handles will leave your friends and followers awestruck.

You must have gone through hundreds of statuses to find that one perfect status for you. No worries, you have landed on the perfect page. It does not matter if you are a girl or a boy, these attitude and statuses are crafted to suit you. 

Attitude Status for WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram 

Let's straight away get into the most premium collection of Attitude Status.

It's not that I've changed. It's just that I grew up and you should also try to.

I just tell people who they are. It's not my fault if they feel insulted for that.

Your Success and your smile are the biggest slaps on your enemies.

There's a similarity between a flat tyre and a bad attitude. You can't go anywhere until you change it.

If they try to pull you down, that simply means you're already above them.

Your personality and attitude gets reflected in your style.

It might take a little longer. But, I'll surely win.

Stop talking to me, if my attitude is a problem you.

A personality that cannot be handled by some people, is often termed attitude. Coincidentally, I have it.

It's great if you like me, and it's greater if you don't. As long as I love myself, I don't care.

Attitude Status In English

You never need to explain yourself. Real friends never that, and real enemies don't believe it.

Never let someone's idiotic behaviour ruin the good vibes.

Never get confused between my attitude and my personality, please.

Life's toooo short! And you're wasting it reading my status.

I know I'm right and I don't need to explain that.

I might not be perfect, but definitely I'm a limited edition.

How you treat me, is what my arttitude is based upon.

Always remember one thing, you're unique, just like everyone!

I know I'm awesome, and I don't need to care about your opinion.

My attitude often gets influenced by people in front of me.

Everybody isn't bound to like you, neither you're bound to care.

A pretty face can be destroyed by an ugly personality.

Attitude Status For Girls

If you wanna argue, I've got my CAPS LOCK ON!!

My responsibility is only for what comes out of my mouth, and not for what goes in your head.

It's illegal to kill, maybe that's the sole reason behind a few people's lives.

I always thank everyone who says I can't achieve my goals. Because they give me a reason to achieve them.

I'm not cranky, it's just a violent reaction to stupid people's stupid actions.

There can never be a positive result from a negative attitude. Think positive, live positive.

I bad attitude is the barrier that doesn't let love, blessings and destiny reach you. Don't let it be a reason for your failures.

I'll shine. No matter you hate me or love me

Never run behind the one who avoids you!

My attitude is just a mirror to your behaviour. If it's good, I'll be good. If it's bad, I'll be worst.

Never get twisted between my personality and attitude. My personality is me, and attitude depends upon you.

A 'I can do' attitude is all that you need to face all the challenges on the way to your success.

Attitude Status For FB

Your attitude towards the right and wrong shows your real personality.

I know, I'm not the best or the most loved one. But, I'm me and that makes me special.

Success is the by product of your constant hardwork and positive attitude towards all the challenges.

Yeah you! - the one reading my status. I'm working hard to achieve my dreams and I think you should too.

The problem is never the problem, the problem is your negative attitude about the problem.

It's absolutely fine if anyone doesn't like me. I wasn't born to entertain everyone.

You can either love me or hate me. Because I'm not changing for anyone anythime soon.

I know who I am. You don't need to explain myself to me.

Taking the right decision isn't my thing. But, taking the decision and making it right is.

Everything that actually kills you from inside is the one that'll make you feel alive the most.

I never care what someone says about me, until it's a truth.

Boys Attitude Status About Me

Stop stalking my status. Go! Get a life somewhere.

Something came under my shoes, oh look! That's your attitude.

If it was your bad, you're the right one to call me dad.

I am awesome, and I don't care for anything else.

Never got something I wished for, but always got everything that I needed

No need to follow your dreams, just follow me

 It's better to be the king in the hell than being a slave in the heaven.

I'm a smart person who loves doing stupid things.

I'm a very unique combination, of 'very sweet' and 'i don't care'

Fun is in working for a cause and not for a damn applause.

Love Attitude Status

If life gives you lemons, make orange juice and let them wonder how you did that.

Hustle until you hire your haters.

I'm different, and I don't care about your opinions.

If life gives you lemons, get vodka and invite your friends over.

Right attitude can take you to great heights.

You're a coin. Valuable? Awwwwww, I meant two faced.

Positivity and the right attitude can change your status.

Stupid questions don't exist, stupid people do.

I'm not bad, baby. I'm the worst.

Attitude Status For Whatsapp

So, this was one of the best collections of best attitude status available online. You can use these statuses on your whatsapp or facebook as per your wish. You van also manipulate these quotes to give them a personal touch. 

Do Let us know about your opinions on the Bes attitude status collection.

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