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Best New Romantic Love Status For Whatsapp and FB 2019 | Romantic Love Status For Girlfriend And Boyfriend

Do you want put some romantic status on your whatsapp profile.It might be the case that you are looking for a Romantic status for fb to make your loved one smile. Well, if that's the case you are just at the right page. Here we have collected the best romantic whatsapp status and quotes for you that would not only make your girlfriend or boyfriend blush but would also show how much you love them.

Best Romantic Whatsapp Status In EnglishI want vitamin U.Love is all about loving to love love.Love is and wil never be wrong.Speak low, if you want to speak about love.One Heart, one love and one destiny.I need you because my heart needs a heartbeat.There will never be a scale to measure the love.Hey you! you stole a piece of my heart.Love is just friendship set on fire.You are the clock that's ticking my heart.Life exists only where there is love. One Line Romantic Status For Whatsapp and FBMy heart can be called perfect because you're inside it.Ony one thing- I love you.When l…

Attitude Status - Best Attitude Status For Girls and Boys Collection 2019

Are you looking for some new attitude status that match you personality. You are at the right page! We have collected all the best quotes and statuses for boys and girls. These attitude statuses will match your personality no matter if you are a girl or a boy. You can post these statuses on whatsapp or fb. Scroll down to find the perfect fit for you.

Best Attitude StatusI'm not changed, it's just that I have grown up and you must try too.My personality is the real me and my attitude is totally dependent on who you are to me.I have never insulted anyone in my life, I just tell them the truth.Everything actually killing me makes me feel most alive.You're wrong if you think, I'm bad, I'm the worst.Attitude Status In English For Girls and BoysI love it when people try to show attitude to me, because it makes me realize that people feel they need an attitude to impress me.I don't have a bad handwriting, I just havey own font.Beware of getting confused between my at…

Life Quotes And Status - Best Status On Life 2019

The following are the best life status and quotes. Each one these quotes have something special to teach us and strengthen our inner soul. We all must learn something from famous life quotes to implement into our life. These motivational life status and quotes help us fight the everyday battle called life and take every challenge with courage.
After going through thousands of life status and quotes we have sorted out the best life quotes for you. These handpicked life statuses will give you the perfect life motivation that you were looking for and would help you achieve your life goals. Life Status and Quotes For Facebook & WhatsApp In this post we've got you covered with some of the most amazing life status along with some funny, best, inspiring and short status that can be used by you on your social media profiles.

Live only for yourself.
Life's too short, live it only for your passions.
Life's a beautiful struggle but a beautiful one.
Life's short and only you can m…

Best Motivational Quotes 2019, Inspirational Quotes On Life

There are times when we feel like giving up on our dreams, but that's definitely not the right solution. All you need is the right dose of motivation that inspires you to keep going. Motivational quotes have a great power to boost the self-confidence of a person. Motivational & inspirational quotes can have a positive impact on you. 

Here, we bring you the best Motivational & Inspirational quotes, words, lines, phrases, statuses & sayings that will help you uplift yourself  & will have a motivating impact on you.
Motivational Quotes You won't fail unless and until you stop trying.If you can believe in yourself them anything and everything can be possible.Decisions are the deciding factor for destiny.Never ever give up, usually the beginnings are the hardest.Comfort zones would never give you great things.When you have a positive attitude and the right confidence, then you don't need to worry about the right or the wrong.You need to be bold enough to own your o…

Best Friendship Status and Quotes For Friendship Day 2019

Are you looking for some Friendship status or quotes to use on WhatsApp? Or you might be looking for some Friendship day status and quotes. You're at the perfect place. Here we bring you the best compiled list of friendship status and quotes. These statuses were handpicked after analysing thousands of quotes to cater to your usage.
You might want to show belief in your friends and friendship or it's just friendship day. Status and quotes are a great way to show your show your love for your friends. You can share these friendship status with your friends to show your love and tell them how much you believe in them and their friendship.
So, without wasting anytime, let's get straight into the compiled friendship status or Friendship day status list.
Friendship Status for WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram
Here is the best and the most updated collection of Friendship Status and Quotes.

A friend who's friendship ends actually never started.
While people on first bench were bu…

Best Cute Status For Whatsapp and FB 2019

Finding the right cute status or a cute quote could be a tideous job. Not all cute quotes available are cute enough. And not all cute status are worth putting up on your profile.
So if you are looking for some cute quotes and status, you are at the perfect place. Here we have a collection of the cutest handpicked quotes and status which are free to use by you on your social media handles.
We have worked hard to make this compilation after going through 1000s of quotes and statuses to find the cutest of cute status and quotes. You can use them on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram or you can directly send them to your friends and family. 
Cute Status and Quotes for WhatsApp & Facebook
Here you go, let's get started with the most awesome Collection of cute status and quotes. 
Life and Love are complimentary to each other.
I'm sacred as hell to want you, but here I'm, wanting you anyway.
Every flower is cute and sweet, but they can never compete with you.
The best kiss is the on…

Best Valentine's Day Quotes For Your Someone Special 2019

Every single year on February 14, people honor their love for one another by celebrating it together. This day is made special by spending time together and, giving flowers and sending love messages to each other. This ritual of celebrating love dates back to ancient times. Valentine's day isn't just about showing love to your girlfriend or boyfriend, its way more broader. It's more about spending time and spreading love to your loved ones, whether it be your family or your friends.
Since your school days, you might have loved to pass candy heart toffees to your friends to express your love on valentine's day. Now that your valentine's card list is much much smaller than it was before, you have more time to fully express yourself completely.
This amazing day of love is a wonderful opportunity to send your loved one's some valentine's day quotes and messages. It can get even better you send those lovely valentine's day quotes and messages with a bunch …

Best Attitude Status For WhatsApp And Facebook 2019

Are you looking for the latest updated quotes that suit your awesome personality. You are at the right place! Here we have the best Quotes of all times for you. We have worked hard to compile all the attitude status that are unique and up to date. 
These Status and quotes will not only show your great attitude but will also compliment your personality. Attitude Status, when put on your stories on your social media handles will leave your friends and followers awestruck.
You must have gone through hundreds of statuses to find that one perfect status for you. No worries, you have landed on the perfect page. It does not matter if you are a girl or a boy, these attitude and statuses are crafted to suit you. 
Attitude Status for WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram  Let's straight away get into the most premium collection of Attitude Status.

It's not that I've changed. It's just that I grew up and you should also try to.
I just tell people who they are. It's not my fault if…